About Us

Senior Advisors of America can help you understand and navigate the confusing world of Medicare and the additional coverage you may need. We work for you! We are Pennsylvania licensed agents who work independently, and are not associated with any specific insurance provider. That allows us to present options that are best for you.

By partnering with multiple insurance providers in your area; Senior Advisors of America have no bias or obligation to any individual company. This benefits you by increasing the number of products we can evaluate on your behalf.

We can enroll you in any plan you choose, help with plan selections and provide ongoing support on all Medicare insurance plans.

Allow us to help you.

Solving the Medicare Puzzle

Senior Advisors of America provides Medicare help, advice, and insurance services to any resident of Pennsylvania.
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570.505.3372 - 1762 East 3rd Street, Williamsport, PA 17701
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